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Alex J Angels; otherwise known as Aj Angels is a melodic R&B , Pop singer who likes to be creative with his sounds and also rap as well. Born in Queens , NY and then moved down to Denver , CO at an early age. Aj has a unique sound and style that he credits to his foreign roots and family coming from West Africa. Lotto his first single which was produced by Aj’s brother Zaysoundz (Isaiah); Aj’s music got some attention on soundcloud which then led to more singles and meeting up with a producer name Mike Chek. Soon after hearing Mike Chek’s beats Aj and Mike teamed up to make a song called Unstoppable. Aj then continued to work with Mike and an artist name Snoww Bear. Through Mike Chek’s association and friendship with Riff Raff ; that led to a feature with Riff and Snoww in 2017 FaceCard (feat. Riff Raff & AJ Angels) prod by MikeChekMusic

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